KAPP History

The Kimberley Art Prize (KAP) has been facilitated by the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley (SDWK) since 1970, when, following a suggestion by the then Shire Clerk to run an annual art competition for residents of the Kimberley region, the SDWK agreed to sponsor the prize.

The art prize was a non-acquisitive prize until 1978. Since then the SDWK has acquired the winner. The Shire now owns a substantial art collection produced by some of the most talented artists in the region.

The KAP has grown to become a highly respected art award in the Australian arts industry; being one of the most remote art competitions in Australia and one of the longest running art prizes in Western Australia. Over the years it has provided a platform for many local and regional artists to develop and showcase their talents.

With a $10,000 acquisitive prize, the KAP has raised awareness of indigenous art and played a significant part in launching emerging artists.

Up until 2012 the photographic category was part of the KAP however a growing interest and participation in photography saw entries continue to rise to a point where they could no longer be accommodated in the same space at the KAP.

Thus in 2012 the photographic category was removed from the Art Prize to create the Kimberley Photographic Award (KPA) to be run alongside the KAP each year. The festival is now known as the Kimberley Art and Photographic Prize (KAPP). The exhibition runs for 2 weeks in July.