Snap & Send Competition

The Snap & Send competition allows anyone with a camera phone to enter the Kimberley Art and Photographic prize. There are many budding, amateur photographers out there and we want to see all the marvelous, "Kimberley inspired", photos you have taken. Below are some hints and tips for taking great looking photos on a phone.

Take Many Shots

This makes it much easier to learn and improve from your results. Burst photos are good to use when using your smartphone for photography they allow you to capture multiple shots as your subject moves. Once you've taken a set of burst photos, you can then select the best shots.

Stick to the Outdoors

Very few smartphones can produce excellent indoor shots due to their small sensors. As such, it’s best to take photos outdoors in the proper lighting conditions to get better results. Lighting determines not only brightness and darkness, but also mood, tone and the atmosphere of the photo.

Use the HDR Function

HDR mode stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is increasingly common on many smartphones.  It adds detail from the dark and light areas to provide better balanced exposure. In other words, it will stop the sky being too bright or the ground being too dark and really suits landscape photography. If there’s a big difference between the lightest and darkest parts of your scene, using the camera phone’s HDR function it’s a good option.

Apply the Rule of Thirds

In the rule of thirds, an image is split into nine equal blocks that form a three-by-three grid. You should aim to get the most interesting parts of your image near the corners of these segments, where the imaginary gridlines meet. Using the rule of thirds give a more natural feeling to the image and allows the eye to flow around the picture with ease. In contrast to this, placing things symmetrical in your frame will give a clean and clinical feeling.

The Snap & Send competition is open to two (2) submissions per person. five (5) winners will be selected by the public during the exhibition and each will receive $100.

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