Past Judge 2022 - Chrissy Carter

Published on Tuesday, 2 April 2024 at 11:04:45 AM

Crissy Cater Reflects on the Vibrancy of Kimberley Art at KAPP 2022

Crissy Cater is not only a talented artist in various mediums but also a perceptive judge of artistic talent. Reflecting on her experience as a judge for Kimberley Art and Photograpic Prize (KAPP) 2022, Crissy expressed her admiration for the vibrant artistic community in Kimberley. As she peruses the diverse array of artworks showcased at KAPP 2022, she finds herself both challenged and invigorated by the remarkable quality and creativity on display.

Among the multitude of pieces, one sculpture in particular captured Crissy's attention: “You Made Me Scared of Hell//But I'm Living There” by Hallie Griffiths Moore. Crissy was struck by the technical finesse and emotional resonance of this piece, marveling at the depth of expression achieved by the young artist.

Looking forward, Crissy sees boundless potential for KAPP's growth and evolution. She envisions expanding the reach of the festival through online platforms, allowing it to connect with a wider audience and remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. Additionally, she advocates for the incorporation of workshops led by both local talents and visiting artists, providing valuable learning opportunities for artists and the community alike.

As an artist herself, Crissy understands the pivotal role that KAPP plays in nurturing and showcasing local talent. In a town like Derby, where gallery space is limited, KAPP serves as a vital avenue for artistic expression and collaboration, providing artists with a platform to share their work and connect with enthusiasts and collectors.

Through her insightful reflections, Crissy illuminates the enduring significance of KAPP in the local artistic landscape, highlighting its capacity to inspire, nurture, and celebrate creativity in all its forms.

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