Past Judge 2023 - Travis Hayto

Published on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 at 9:42:47 AM


Navigating Artistic Evaluation: Insights from Photographer Travis Hayto


Travis Hayto, a professional  photographer and owner of SoCo Studios, offers valuable insights into the process of judging the Kimberley Art and Photographic Prize. One key aspect he emphasises is the common occurrence of differing opinions among judges. However, Hayto explains that the panel handles these discrepancies through constructive debate, ultimately striving for a balanced approach that respects diverse viewpoints while ensuring fairness.

Moreover, Hayto underscores the importance of authenticity in distinguishing standout entries. He encourages artists to remain true to their unique style and vision, as entries that exude sincerity and originality tend to make a lasting impression.

For those considering future submissions, Hayto advises prioritising authenticity and steering clear of creating solely for external validation. He believes that genuine artistic expression transcends fleeting trends or the desire for approval.

In summary, Travis Hayto's insights serve as valuable guidance for aspiring artists and photographers, highlighting the significance of authenticity and self-expression in navigating the competitive art world.

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